Replace broken rollers in Phoenix, AZ

Replace broken rollers in Phoenix, AZ

Broken, squeaky rollers can affect the overall performance of your garage doors. If you want to have them repaired or replaced, call Arizona Garage Door Service in Phoenix at 602-577-3100

Replace broken rollers in Phoenix

The Arizona Garage Door Specialists can inspect and repair garage door problems that may cause trouble for the homeowners sooner or later. One of the moving parts that can cause a problem is the garage door rollers. Problems with rollers can be annoying as well as dangerous. The rollers are attached to the hinges to hold the door on the tracks as the door moves. The garage door rollers help a door go up and down smoothly. Therefore, immediate action should be taken when your roller wears out or stop functioning due to any reason.

The garage door roller replacement parts are made of steel or nylon, latter being the latest material used in manufacturing of rollers. You should prefer rollers made of nylon because they are quiet. They are available with different numbers of ball bearings that make the rollers quiet in operation and last longer than other types of rollers. Steel rollers may last as long, but the high noise factor does not complement the extra longevity of the rollers. Roller stems are available with zinc or stainless steel plating for those places where rust is a problem. However, it is important to match the roller with the size of a garage door.


How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door roller replacement cost quoted by service providers vary according to the requirements of different garage door brands. Arizona Garage Door Specialists offers discounts to the valuable customers, for both existing and new ones. We ensure complete satisfaction in garage door roller replacement, which includes keeping the rollers replacement cost in check, so that it may fulfill our clients needs and suit their budget.

All garage door repairs should be performed by technicians who are door specialists or professionals. Therefore, contact us to ensure long-lasting smooth functioning of your garage door.

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