Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

In order to ensure the high performance and durability of your garage door opener, it is important that proper maintenance procedures are observed. For routine maintenance check ups of your garage door, contact Arizona Garage Door Service now  at 602-577-3100

Garage door opener garage door tuneup and maintenance

For homeowners looking to use a proper functioning garage door, there is more to it than its proper installation. Proper garage door opener maintenance goes a long way in enhancing its efficiency. There are a number of factors that can cause malfunctioning of the garage door. Some of these problems can be easily fixed and will not be a big deal while malfunctioning in other parts might call for replacements and this could be quite costly to the homeowner. This is where garage door opener maintenance in Arizona come in handy



One of the major advantages of garage door opener maintenance is that it enhances the lifespan of the garage door opener. Performing standard check-ups as well as regular maintenance of the openers prove very helpful in ensuring that the door is working properly. These check-ups could be done at least once a month. There are three kinds of check-ups recommended for homeowners who have installed automatic door openers:

  • Standard safety tests
  • Force setting test
  • Reversal test

Standard Safety Tests

Standard safety tests refer to the inspection that is scheduled annually for automatic garage door openers. This ensures maximum safety and proper functioning of all garage door parts. Most homeowners ignore this and therefore, within no time the openers start screeching for lack of maintenance. Reversal test on the other hand only applies to the latest garage door openers. These garage door openers are equipped with modern features that are quite sophisticated and include reversing mechanism. If you have a modern garage door, this is an important inspection as it ensures efficiency.

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