Garage Door Opener Inspection

Garage Door Opener Inspection

Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that garage door accidents are often-times traceable to faulty garage door openers. As such, it its important to trust an expert to conduct routine inspection of your garage door and its components for safety purposes. Contact Arizona Garage Door Service now at 602-577-3100

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For the modern family, the garage door has almost replaced the front door as the main entry to the home. Families take for granted that the door will open every time the remote control is activated. When there is even a slight problem in the operation of the garage door opener, it creates more problem than they expected. To avoid children getting locked out of the house after school and you missing work due to a non-functioning door opener, you need to call garage door specialists for immediate garage door opener inspection Arizona.

If you are an Arizona resident, you can call Arizona Garage Door Specialists for prompt and efficient garage door opener inspection services. Just like routine maintenance and oil changes do for your car, regular maintenance of your garage door opener can help you to avoid costly and inconvenient garage door repair down the road.

There is more to a garage door opener inspection and safety than checking the remote control for dead batteries. This inspection is part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that should be performed on a regular basis. A garage door opener inspection include:

  • Adjustment of electric door openers
  • Tightening of the chain
  • Setting limit switches
  • Lubrication of the drive mechanism
  • Inspection of safety reverse mechanism
  • Replacement of dead batteries
  • Tightening of all loose nuts and bolts

The technicians of Arizona Garage Door Specialists understand that your garage door is the heaviest and most dangerous door in your home. Keeping it functioning properly is important for safety and security of your family. If your garage door opener does not function properly, garage door opener inspection by our experienced technicians can detect the problem quickly. Our techies can fix problems in the following garage door components quickly:

  • Photo eyes
  • Gears and sprockets within the opener
  • Circuit boards
  • Limit switches
  • Trolleys
  • Drive trains
  • Drive belts
  • Motor

A garage door opener that does not function properly can be much more than an inconvenience. It can result in a tragedy. A safety reverse mechanism that does not operate at optimal levels can cause a fatal accident, especially with children.

Many children in their teens love to activate the garage door from inside the garage and then see if they can run outside, under the garage door, before it closes. It is obvious to anyone how dangerous this can be. Unfortunately, tragedies caused by this game are often heard of. However, these tragedies can be completely prevented by ensuring that limiting switches are properly set and maintained at all times. Safety reverse mechanisms should also be functioning at the highest level possible.


Safety Reverse Switch

A safety reverse switch that is working as it should immediately senses that something is beneath the closing edge of the garage door. This can prevent your loved ones from fatal injuries that the weight of garage door can cause. To ensure safety, you can try this simple safety check at home. Place an unopened roll of paper towel under the garage door and then activate the door. If the roll of paper towel does not trigger the safety reverse mechanism, your garage door opener may be in need of adjustment. If the towels do trigger the safety reverse, but are still crushed or deformed, call your garage door specialist to schedule a garage door opener inspection.

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